Clipboard Importer

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If you receive customer information via email, you can use the import clipboard [F8] (function key F8) feature to quickly enter the email data into the appropriate fields in ArmTracker.

First set up the appropriate rules in the Import Clipboard Settings.




The email you receive from your online registration service looks like this...



This notification was sent using Reg.Net's automated on-line system.


Transaction #: 123456


Author Company: Reel Media Productions

Author Name: Paul Leischow

Author e-mail:


Program ID: 12345

Program: ArmTracker


Customer Comapny: SecurityTrek

Customer First: John

Customer Last: Doe

Customer Address1: 123 Dark Street

Customer Location: Somewhere, ON P0X1C0 Canada

Customer Phone: 1-807-555-1212

Customer e-mail:


Method: WEB

Quantity: 1


Cost: $25.00




In the Importer Clipboard Settings we could do this:


clipboard import

Now select the text in your email and copy to the clipboard.


Then open ArmTracker and press the [F8] function key to import clipboard.


What this does is search for the text you enter in the clipboard settings and assigns it to the appropriate field in ArmTracker.


In our example the email received has the City/State/Zip/Country all combined into the "Location" field so we just insert it into the City field in ArmTracker and manually fix this after importing.