Email Templates

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The Email templates are located in the folders:




and are made up of standard HTML (web page) code for easy customization and make use of the Registered Users macros.







Address/Subject Override

By default, the Email "Subject" line is the name of your Product and the "From" line is the name entered under Email Settings. You can override this data by adding the "EmailFrom:", "EmailSubject:" and "EmailReply:" commands to your email template.




EmailSubject:New version of #Product# now Available!





Email Priority

You can also override the Priority of your email by adding the "EmailPriority:" command to your email template.








Note:  By default, Email is sent out at a Normal Priority.






You can attach a file to your Email by adding the "EmailAttachment:" command followed by the path of the attachment.


EmailAttachment: C:\Files\Image.bmp




HTML Support

By default your email is sent as Plain Text.  You can have ArmTracker send your email as HTML by using the "EmailType: HTML" command.


EmailType: HTML



<body bgcolor=#FFFFEE>

My Message is now sent as an HTML page.