What's New - Features, Changes, BugFixes

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Version 3.82.00

Recompiled with latest CodeGen.DLL
Notice is displayed while Window is Updated with Customer Info
Added Online Update Checking
Optimized code for better performance



Version 3.80.11

Fixed bug that causes crash with Validate Key



Version 3.80.10

Recompiled to fix some display issues
Now using latest CodeGen.DLL  (version 9)



Version 3.80.06

Enhanced Search function to allow for locating/highlighting search results in Customer Database
Added Cancel button when sending Registration Email
Enlarged font for displaying User/Registration Key



Version 3.80.05

Added ability to specify PORT in Settings.
Last Email Template used is remembered each time ArmTracker is started.
Fixed incorrect #Copies# value when sending multiple email to Registered Users.



Version 3.80.01

Force User to enter number of Keys to Create unless default is specified in Settings.
Added #Copies# macro to Registered Users
Added hotkeys CTRL-K to create key and CTRL-E to send email
Modified "Reply-To" email header to prevent some mail servers from bouncing email
Fixed problem with large number of Extra Bits not being created properly in Key




Version 3.80.00

Email is now sent using 8bit iso-8859 instead of 7bit ANSI allowing for extended characters
Single Right Click on Customer Data copies data to input fields allowing easy duplication with minor changes
Displays error message when Digital River template is trying to be imported
Displays error message when send email error is encountered




Version 3.79.00

Added support for String in Key (Armadillo 4.20+) using fixed CodeGen.dll




Version 3.78.04

ArmTracker Email now supports User/Password login
Attachments can now be imbedded in ArmTracker Email (both Email Templates and Mailing List Templates)
ArmTracker Email can be sent as HTML Mail
Added ability to override reply-to address
Added #Company# macro to Registered Users
Added #Certificate# macro to Registered Users
Column widths on various panels are customizable and saved on exit




Version 3.78.02

Notes can be added to Customers through the Customer Database screen using double left click
Number of Keys to create per Customer can now be specified
Register To "Other" field defaults to Company/Name when selected
Last used "Register To" and "Notify" settings are now saved in INI file
Entire message body is saved in "Sent Items" folder when using MAPI



Version 3.78.01

Added additional Paste key (F7) in Clipboard Importer
Custom Text for Bits is now included when Importing Certificates



Version 3.78.00

Last used Sort order is now saved for each list
Fixed bug that could cause Search function to crash



Version 3.77.00

Added new CodeGen to support Armadillo 3.77 release
Fixed problem with wrong product being used when hardware fingerprint entered then new product is selected right away
Fixed spelling mistake in titlebar when mySQL database is used



Version 3.75.00

New CodeGen included to support Armadilo 3.75 release



Version 3.70.05

Added #Key# macro to Create Key macro list
Added #Insert# macro to Registered Users and Mailing List
Fixed linewrap in Notes box



Version 3.70.03

Added EmailPriority command to templates



Version 3.70.02

Fixed problem with searching for Email1
Fixed problem with new customer overwriting existing data



Version 3.70.00

Added ability to Validate Keys
Added ability to search Customer Database
Changed database format slightly for future enhancements
Added support for MySQL database
Added menubar icons to make selecting options visually easier
Updated CodeGen to 3.70a



Version 3.61.05

New Help File and Printable Manual
Added "Most Recent File" list
Added Preview & Print buttons to Report Window
ArmTracker holds selected information as you move through various screens
Copies of sent emails are now stored in "Sent Items" folder
Added database Search function to Main Interface
ArmTracker has it's own domain name http://www.armtracker.com



Version 3.61.00

Added support for new Armadillo 3.61 features
Added check for invalid characters in Hardware Key



Version 3.50.02

Added ability to manually change key after key has been created. (Ctrl+M on Registered Users Screen)
Added ability to create FixClock Keys (Main MenuBar under Edit)
Minor tweeks and bug fixes



Version 3.40.08

Fixed a problem with string overflow when encrypting certificates
Fixed import certificate routine to read .ARM files containing extended characters



Version 3.40.05

Password for Product/Certificates page is now encrypted
Certificate Templates in the database can now be encrypted
Warning: Backup your database before encrypting and write your password down in a safe place. If you lose your password, the encryption can not be reversed.
Bit information is now displayed along with History Notes



Version 3.40.01

Adjusted "ExtraBits" field so number can be manually entered as well as using the popup bit selector



Version 3.40.00

Updated CodeGen.dll to latest version
Added color to lists for easier viewing
Added icons to lists to quickly identify regular customers, customers with notes attached and customers who have been emailed keys
Added resizable windows for those who wish to view more on their screen



Version 3.30.05

Fixed a problem with ArmTracker not able to create keys for names containing " ' " (Example: O'leary)



Version 3.30.04

Fixed Expire By Uses not being recognised when importing certificates
Updated CodeGen to 3.54 as per Silicon Realms
Date/Time is now added to Email Header
Fixed a problem with importing Armadillo V2 certificates that have been up-converted by Armadillo to V3



Version 3.30.03

About box now shows CodeGen version being used
Fixed a bug with #Notes# displaying "0" in Registration Emails



Version 3.30.02

New #Include# macro
Ability to import ARM project files into ArmTracker Product/Certificate Defaults.



Version 3.30

Support for the new V3 Short Keys.
Mailing List notify flag.
Customers who do not have "Mailing List" checked will not appear in the mailing list panel.
Field for second Email Address.
If an address exists in this field, email will be sent to this address as well as the Primary Email Address.
Special "Type" field.
You can assign a "Type" to any key that has been generated and use this as an additional sorting option.



Version 3.18

Customer Mailing Lists
Custom Email From & Subject headings
Name of database displayed in TitleBar
Quick Import of Registration Emails



Version 3.17

Handles multiple ArmTracker databases
Some new database fields
Lots of tweeks based on user requests