Key Settings

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The Key Settings section of the Create Keys Interface is where you add any final customizing to the key information before the key is generated.  Under most situations, all fields will be disabled because the defaults were set in the Products/Certificates interface.




In our example we specified that this Certificate would expire in 30 days but could be adjusted by the person issuing the key, therefore the Expire Value is enabled allowing us to easily change the default.


Once you have selected a Product/Certificate, a Customer, and made sure all the keys setting are correct, press the Create Key button to generate a key.


If you are creating keys for a number of Customers using the same Product/Certificate you can create all the keys at once.  Do this by  selecting the Product/Certificate and then selecting all the Cutomers at once who you wish to create keys for. (use the standard Windows Shift or Ctlr keys for selecting individual or groups of Customers at one time)


If you would like to create more than one key per Customer, you can either press the Create Key button for every key you wish created or you can specify the number of keys you would like created by entering a number into the Keys per Customer box.




Show Registered Users of:

This drop box controls what Customers are displayed in the Customer List.  Selecting All will display all the Customers int eh Customer database.  Selecting None will display all Customers who have not yet been given registration keys.  Selecting a specific Product name will display only those Customers who have received keys for that Product.



and of Type:

This drop box is an additional sorting feature.  When you select a Type from this box, only Customers who's keys contain the specified Type will be displayed in the Customer List.