Modifying Certificates

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After creating or importing Certificates, you may have to adjust various settings to allow for proper keys to be generated and appropriate fields to be available when generating them.


In this example, our Product was protected with Version 4, Level 10 keys. It also requires a hardware Fingerprint and expires after a set number of days.



The checkbox before Key Type, Expire By, Copies and Extra Bits acts like a lock.  Once we enter the appropriate default values, we can lock (or disable) these settings preventing anyone from making changes when creating a key.


If we wanted the ability to adjust a setting, we would leave then leave certain settings unlocked.


For example if we wanted the default Expire By Days to be 30, but we wanted the option to adjust this value when creating our key, we would leave the Expire By area unlocked (or enabled) by placing a checkmark in the Expire By box.





Keys can also contain Extra Bits, which you can use to send extra information to your programs by turning these bits on and off.  To help you remember what bits do what, ArmTracker gives you the ability to label these bits.


To do this, Double Click on the name of the bit you wish to label.




A small window will appear allowing you to enter a description.  Press the OK button to store this information.




Once you have made all the appropriate changes to customize your Certificate, press the Modify Certificate Defaults to save these changes.  If you do not press this button, not changes will be saved.