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PureVision64 - 6.04

Posted Dec.13, 2023
Designed for PureBasic 6.xx
and SpiderBasic 2.xx

(New 64bit Application)

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Notes from the Developer...

Since the release of PureBasic 6.03, a number of Antivirus software packages have been incorrectly flagging PureVision as containing a tojan or as malware (due to it being compiled with the latest version of PureBasic).

This is 100% false and even though some anti virus companies have updated their virus signatures to correct this problem, others deny there is a problem and state their software is not flagging PureVision as malware and won't do anything else.

If you are experiencing problems with your anti virus software, please add PureVision and the PureVision folder to its Whitelist to prevent this from happening.