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More Control

Use Switchboard to broadcast Community Messages, Public Access Programming, etc.

Schedule and maintain any number of Switchboard Systems from a single location using a high-speed Internet connection.

The "All in One" Solution !!

Switchboard is a software package that allows you to schedule and maintain digital content for broadcast over the local cable system.

Switchboard will:

  • Schedule and playback community messages
  • Schedule and playback digitally captured or rendered VCD/SVCD/XVCD/XSVCD video/audio content
  • Display static and crawling text messages
  • Display digital photos and graphics
  • Display computer animations
  • Automatically place company logos (bugs) over video playback
  • Easily maintain any number of Switchboard systems from a single remote location.
  • Update schedules and content through an Internet connection.

Switchboard will display text and graphic information 24/7 and will automatically switch to video/audio content as scheduled.

Switchboard requires inexpensive hardware to operate and will generate high quality, professional, broadcast results.

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v1.19 Released

Latest Switchboard update is now available for download.

All registered Switchboard customers can download the latest update from our private download area.

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