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The Switchboard CD contains 2 modules, a Display Generator and a Scheduler.

The Swicthboard Display is locked to a single computer and generates the graphic displays for Television Broadcast.
A complete Switchboard Package is required for each channel you wish to Broadcast.

The Switchboard Scheduler can be installed on any number of computers at more than one location at no additional cost.

Purchase Information:

Please contact Reel Media Productions
through Email or Canada Post...

Reel Media Productions
PO Box 1118
Keewatin, ON P0X 1C0



Package Price * Saving
Switchboard CD $799.00 ea  
Additional Switchboard CDs $699.00 ea $100
Replacement Hardware Key
$325.00 ea

* All prices in Canadian dollars.
* Additional packages must be purchased the same time as original package to receive special savings.






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